MDMS Registration in Nepal: A Step-by-Step Guide

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MDMS Registration in Nepal: A Step-by-Step Guide

I get lots of queries from many people who want to register MDMS on their mobile phones which are brought from out country. One of the most common queries is- " MDMS registration Nepal, Register IMEI Number in Mobile Device Management System (MDMS)" 

According to the country policy is necessary to register MDMS of every phone brought from abroad. If you not registering your mobile phone in MDMs could land you in trouble with the law? it's actually illegal to use a mobile phone in Nepal without registering it. 

So in this article, I will show you how to register your mobile phone in MDMs in Nepal in just easy steps. I will also provide some tips on how to avoid common mistakes when registering your mobile phone.

What is the MDMS system? 

 MDMS is an amalgamate government-owned system developed by the Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) to keep a record of mobile phone accessories that enter the country - they all are recorded by their unique IMEI numbers. This includes smartphones, tablets, etc.

Those phones which are not registered in MDMS, are not available for Nepal communication service like if your phone is not listed in MDMS then you can't able to call or use sim cards like Ncell, NTC, etc. That's why everyone must register for it.


How to apply for MDMS registration of Phones?

All phones found within a country have proper documentation and they are already listed in Nepal’s Mobile Device Management System (MDMS). They had no issues to use, and all phones are eligible for Communication service. 

MDMS registration in Nepal of Phones?

However, sometimes people brought phones from out country for their own purpose or for relatives. In that case, those phones are not registered in the MDMS system. it's actually illegal to use a mobile phone in Nepal without registering it.

So if you want to stay on the right side of the law, and prevent stolen and lost phones, make sure you follow these steps to register your mobile phone in Mobile Device Management System(MDMS),

  1.  Go to the MDMS website:
  2. Click on the "Pre-Registration" tab. Provide phone IMEI number(s), Brand, Model, and condition of your phone.
  3. Enter your email address and click on the "Generate Token" button.
  4. Check your email for the token.
  5. Enter the token on the MDMS website and click on the "Submit" button.
  6. Fill out the pre-registration form. ( Be careful while forming fill-up time)
  7. Upload a scanned copy of your passport or visa.
  8. Click on the "Submit" button.

How do Find the IMEI number(s) of Mobile Phone?

 Every phone had its unique iMEl number(s) of 15 digits. If wanna know the IMEI number of your current using phones, make sure you can follow mentioned steps as at same.

  1.  Go to the call dialer app.
  2.  Type or dial code *#06#
  3.  Your code appears on your screen
  4.  There are two codes with 15 digits' like IMEI 1 and IMEI 2.
  5.  For new phone sets, please check the IMEI number on the cover of the phone’s box.

What is the new regulation on mobile phone registration in Nepal?

 The new government of Nepal is announced new rules and regulations for mobile phones, the most important rules and regulations are mentioned below,

  1.  All mobile phones brought into Nepal must be registered in the Mobile Device Management System of Nepal known as MDMS.
  2. Phones that are not registered in the MDMS will not be able to operate in Nepal. Like they are unable to use a sim card or unable to call.
  3. Nepali citizens returning from abroad are allowed to bring one mobile phone without paying taxes. However, if they can bring a second phone, they will have to pay 5% excise duty and 13% VAT.
  4. Foreigners and tourists are allowed to bring one mobile phone without paying taxes. However if bring a second phone, they will have to pay a 10% customs duty.
  5. Migrant workers are eligible for bringing an additional phone, to Nepal from outside without any additional fee-paying. 

What documentation did you need to submit for registration in MDMS registration form?

It's necessary to know about important documents that need during registration time. I will include the most necessary documents before registration in the MDMS system are mentioned below:

  1. Proof of identification, you can use your passport, citizenship card, or any other government-issued ID card for identification or verification.
  2. Proof of purchase, you need to submit a bill, receipt, or invoice for your mobile phone. 
  3. Include your passport page with an entry stamp from the Nepal Immigration Department.
  4. If you brought the mobile device from India, you will need to provide a customs clearance certificate.

Why you need to register your mobile phone in MDMS system

 the reasons why you need to register your mobile phone in the MDMS system in Nepal are mentioned below,

  1. To prevent theft and illegal import of mobile phones in Nepal by the MDMS system.
  2. To ensure that mobile phones meet the required technical standards of NTA.
  3. To facilitate the tracking of mobile phones in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency like a lost phone.
  4. To improve the quality of mobile services in Nepal for a more secure relationship.
  5. To protect or keep safe personal information of your personal data.
  6. If your phone is lost anywhere, track it easily. 

What are the penalties for not registering your mobile phone in the MDMS system of Nepal? 

 If you are not registered with your phone now in the MDMS system, then you are in trouble I definitely say that. It's necessary to know about what kind of penalties are made by the government for not registering your phone in the MDMS system, some of the penalties are given below,

  1. 1. Your mobile phone will be blocked from all carrier networks in Nepal.
  2.  2. You may be fined up to NPR 50,000.
  3.  3. Your mobile phone may be confiscated.

MDMS Registration in Nepal: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is mdms registration free in nepal?
Yes, MDMS registration is free in Nepal. The NTA (Nepal Telecommunications Authority) has stated that there will be no fees charged for registering IMEI numbers in the MDMS system.
2. When was started MDMS system in Nepal?
The Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) in Nepal was launched in two phases. The first phase, a soft launch, was on September 15, 2022. The second phase, the full launch, was on May 15, 2023.
3. What is the full form of MDMS.
The full form of MDMS is Mobile Device Management System.


 I will include everything about MDMS like "how to apply, its benefit, necessary documents, etc. " I hope that through our article you will able to do MDMS registration swiftly and confidently. If you still have some questions about registering a foreign mobile phone in Nepal, do comment below or send an email to us at [email protected] or also you can contact us on social media. May I will be able to help you.


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